Can a teenager run?

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See how young people should take care of their activity

A few years ago, most of the elite athletes competed in track races when new and only set out for the already more veteran street race. Among the amateurs it was not much different: much of it started in the sport around the age of 30. But the scenario has changed. Today, we see runners with 19, 20 years winning important marathons. It is also increasingly common for youths and teenagers to be present in the general squad of the 5 km and 10 km races. But is it healthy to run still so young? Yes, as long as the exercise does not exceed the limits of the person and takes into account the particularities of his or her age group.

Currently, it is known that the practice of physical activity in childhood and adolescence is fundamental for the future health of the individual. Exercise has benefits both for the cardiovascular system and for controlling body weight in adulthood. For children, it is indicated from the three-month-old classes at the pool. At two years of play, jumping, running, climbing and descending obstacles. Already in adolescence, the desire for more competitive activities and the cult to the sport, often encouraged by the own parents or by the school arises.

Care in training

While providing benefits for young people, street racing can also be harmful when misguided. That is because, the modality requires great effort, sometimes, for a prolonged time. As in adolescents, glucose (fuel) reserves are lower than in adults, muscles go into fatigue more quickly. In addition, muscle strength is also lower. Therefore, in this age group, if the workouts are exaggerated, there is a greater risk of pain, injury and even stress fractures.
Adolescents should also be more careful with posture when exercising because they do not yet have good body awareness. Hence the importance of the guidance of a physical education professional during training. It will correct the movements and teach about the importance of strengthening the core..

Secure debut

Young people up to 12 years of age who wish to race should start with short workouts of up to 1 km in a light pace. From the age of 13, it is possible to train three times a week, at slow speed, for up to 45 minutes. At age 14, teens are released to participate in races with up to 5 km. After the age of 16, all participate in events above this distance.

Under Brazilian law and for safety measures, only at the age of 18 are marathons released. Before that age, the overhead generated in training and competition is high. It can even disrupt growth and slow the development of puberty, leading to very harmful hormonal imbalances.

* Dr. Ana Gandolfi is a neurosurgeon specialized in sports neurosurgery (CRM / SP: 133.791)

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