Política de Pagamentos

The Payment Policy below is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

1. Identification

This site is owned, maintained and operated by CLIP BUTTON, with address at Rua França Pinto, 756, registered with CNPJ / MF under number 17.929.231 / 0001-87 and with State Registration nº 141.779.244 ..

2. Contact - CACB (CLIP BUTTON Service Center)

If the User requires any information, clarification or assistance regarding this Payment Policy, CLIP BUTTON makes available the contact@clipbutton.com.br to receive all the communications that the User wishes to make. In addition, CLIP BUTTON makes available on this site a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, as well as its other policies: Exchange and Returns Policy, Product Delivery Policy, Privacy and Security Policy and, finally, the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Site. All these documents can be consulted online or downloaded by users in PDF format for offline consultation and archiving.

3. Indication of payment terms in the supply of products

CLIP BUTTON will make available on the Site, for each product, a descriptive page, which will contain information regarding its characteristics, composition, possible risks to health and safety, shelf life, origin, availability in stock, payment conditions and total price in sight.

4. Purchase Order - Choose the means and conditions of payment

To purchase the products, the Customer must access his Account and follow the indications of the Site. Once you have chosen the products and their respective quantities, you will be directed to the payment page, to calculate the freight and choose the payment method. This is the last moment for Customer to identify and correct any errors made in the previous steps. After the Purchase is completed, it can not be changed (change of quantities, change of products, change of payment method, etc.). CLIP BUTTON will immediately send an e-mail to the Customer indicating the number of the Purchase, the products and quantities purchased, the price, the value of the freight, the form of payment and the estimated time or the schedule of delivery. CLIP BUTTON in order to guarantee the security of Customers, may contact the Customer to confirm the realization of a Purchase, by themselves or by third parties, including for confirmation of registration data and payment, and may also cancel the Purchase, if there is any nonconformity related to any data indicated by the Client throughout the process of making the purchase. The Client declares to have read and be aware of all the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the Policies that comprise it.
Changes to the application. As a general rule, CLIP BUTTON will not accept changes to the Purchase (forms of payment, quantities, place, date or turn of delivery) after the completion of your process. In the event that the Customer wishes to change any item of his Purchase, he may contact the contact@clipbutton.com.br to verify the possibility of change, which can only be made if there is still time to modify the Purchase as per the moment of the process of separation and transportation.

5. Means of Payment

You may pay your Purchases on the Site for the use of a credit card issued in Brazil on your behalf, either as a holder or as a dependent, by the following flags: Visa®, Mastercard® and American Express®. For security of its operations and to avoid fraud, CLIP BUTTON reserves the right to refuse third-party credit cards or credit cards issued abroad.
Payment security. CLIP BUTTON has a specific policy that includes issues related to the purchase of the product, including the security of payment for purchases made on the Site: Privacy and Security Policy.

6. Influences of Means of Payment on Delivery and Return of Products

Delivery. During the purchase process, CLIP BUTTON will inform the Customer of an estimate of the term for the delivery of the Products. This estimate takes into account the products purchased, their quantities, the available inventory and the distance between our distribution centers and the delivery address informed by the Customer. The delivery period will be counted from the date of approval of the request, which may vary according to the chosen form of payment. Usually, approval takes up to three business days for credit card payments.

Return: If you regret a purchase made on the Site, Customer may inform CLIP BUTTON by contacting@clipbutton.com.br and requesting the return of the product and cancellation of the purchase. The procedure is fully described in

Exchange and Returns Policy

If the product is in proper condition, CLIP BUTTON will notify the Customer that it has accepted the returned product and will arrange for the full refund of the amounts paid in connection with the purchased product, including the price and freight costs.

If repentance occurs with respect to only one of the products contained in an order, the return of freight costs shall be proportionate. The return of payments made by credit card will be made by means of a reversal of the release, to be requested by CLIP BUTTON to the card administrator used in a maximum of 72 (seventy two) hours after acceptance and validation of the product conditions returned.

The chargeback period is the sole responsibility of the card administrator.