FAQ - E-commerce FAQ


Can I track my purchase?
Yes. The most up-to-date information about your purchase and the delivery situation you can keep track of the tracker number you will receive after making the purchase.

What company is responsible for delivering my purchase?

Can I add another product to the Purchase I made?
No, after completion, the Purchase can not be changed. To purchase another product, you must start a new purchase.

I did not receive all the items in my purchase. What do I do?
Contact us by email contato@clipbutton.com.br informing the error

Can I make a Purchase on the Site with CNPJ?
We are not currently working with this option. Only individuals can register on the Site and make purchases. The acquisition of products through CNPJ can be done in Telesales. In the physical store is possible only with corporate card.

How do I confirm the availability of a product in stock?
On the Site, if there is a shopping cart visible at the time of order, it means that there is stock of the product.

Can I make my purchase on the Site and search for the products purchased in the physical store?
No. In making a Purchase through the Site, you will receive the product (s) purchased at the address given through the delivery mechanisms available on the Site.

Can anyone receive the product I bought?
Yes, as long as you are of legal age, be provided with an identification document and sign the delivery protocol.

Is there a minimum order value?
Do not.

Can I change the delivery address?
Yes, but only before completing the Purchase on the Site. Once completed, the Purchase can no longer be changed. In case of doubt, contact us by email contato@clipbutton.com.br

How is freight calculated for my order?
The freight amount is calculated automatically, from the selected products and the Customer's delivery code. Freight value information already calculated for a particular address and certain products appears to the Customer at the time of completion of the Purchase on the Site.

Can I send a part of the Purchase to one address and another part to another?
No. All products purchased in a particular Purchase will be delivered together at the same address. To send products to two different addresses, it will be necessary to make two different purchases, at different times.

Can I add or delete products from the shopping cart?
Yes, but only until the completion of the Purchase on the Site. To include, just click on the plus and, to delete, on the trash. To change the quantity of products inside the shopping cart is necessary that you put the quantity (in numbers) that you want to acquire.

Can I return to a shopping cart?
Yes, as long as the products in it are still available in stock, you can retrieve the shopping cart and end the purchase.


What are the means of payment available?
The Site accepts credit cards issued in Brazil

What is the procedure if there is duplicity?
You can contact us at contato@clipbutton.com.br and inform us what happened

What if my payment is not approved?
You will be notified within 48 hours and you must enter another payment method. Otherwise, the Purchase on the Site will be canceled.

How long is the Purchase approval period?
The deadline is up to 48 hours.

Can I change the card after the Checkout is complete?
This is not possible.

What are the forms of installment payment?
All Purchases made on credit card can be split up to 6
(six times.

Can I use my card issued abroad?
No, we only accept credit cards issued in Brazil.

What are the deadlines for reversal?
Request the chargeback to the card company within a period not exceeding 72 (seventy-two) hours. However, you should wait for the chargeback. The chargeback can occur in up to two invoices, in accordance with the cancellation policy of the credit card company.


Is it possible to order packages that are not for sale?
Yes. Request via contato@clipbutton.com.br

Why are not all products available for purchase?
In order to maintain a high level of customer service, we request to send you emailcontato@clipbutton.com.br

Does the site of CLIPBUTTON.COM.BR practice lightning offers?
Yes, send message to whatsapp 11951654290 with your name and the word 10 for 1 to be informed of our lightning deals


How to exchange an eCommerce product?
Contact us by email contato@clipbutton.com.br

What if the product I have to replace is no longer in stock?
We will anyway

After the exchange and return period, if the product is defective what should I do?
Contact us at contato@clipbutton.com.br and choose what you want to do. Money back and new

In what situations can my order be canceled?
When it has some kind of defect

If the price charged on the Site is less than that of the physical store, will I have reimbursement of the difference?
No. The prices are set differently for the Site, for Telesales and for the physical stores and CLIP BUTTON does not reimburse any price difference verified among its various forms of operation.


How to create an Access Account?
You can register by clicking here and filling out the Customer registration. Creating an Access Account will make it easier to navigate your site, for example, allowing you to make wish lists and simplifying the purchasing process.