Delivery Information

The Product Delivery Policy below is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

1. Identification
This site is owned, maintained and operated by CLIP BUTTON, with address at Rua França Pinto 756, Vila Mariana, São Paulo, Capital, CEP 04016-003, enrolled with CNPJ / MF under number 17.929.231 / 0001 -87, with State Registration nº 141.779.244.113 and Municipal Registration nº 4729141-9.

2. Contact - CACB (CLIP BUTTON Service Center)
If the User requires any information, clarification or assistance regarding this Product Delivery Policy, CLIP BUTTON makes available the CACB to receive all communications that the User wishes to make. The CACB operates by means of the communication channels listed below:
(a) Online Form, using the top menu item CONTACT on the BUTTON CLIP website, at any time;
(b) By telephone (11) 951654290 (São Paulo, capital), from Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 22h00 and Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 09h00 to 20h00;
(c) By correspondence addressed to CLIP BUTTON, Rua França Pinto 756 apto 192, Vila Mariana, São Paulo, Capital, CEP 04016-003, always accompanied by the consumer contact information, so that we can finalize the service.
In all cases, the User will receive, through the same channel of communication, an immediate confirmation of the receipt of his demand, which will be treated and answered within a maximum period of five days.
In addition, CLIP BUTTON makes available on this Site a FAQ section, as well as its other policies: Exchange and Returns Policy, Payment Policy, Security and Privacy Policy and, finally, the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Site. All these documents can be consulted online or downloaded by the User in PDF format for offline consultation and archiving.

3. Locations served

CLIP BUTTON operates, directly or through contracted third parties, delivery services throughout Brazil. At the moment, for a logistics related issue, CLIP BUTTON does not provide delivery of products purchased on this Site to other foreign countries or territories (as soon as we can do this, we will make this information available on our website).

4. Delivery times

During the Purchase process, CLIP BUTTON will inform the Customer of an estimate of the term for the delivery of the Products. This estimate takes into account the products purchased, their quantities, the available inventory and the distance between our distribution centers and the delivery address informed by the Customer. The delivery period will be counted from the date of approval of the request, which may occur within 3 (three) business days for payments by bank transfer (credit card payments are approved on the same day).

5. Delivery time and scheduling

CLIP BUTTON makes deliveries of Products, through the company Correios, between Monday and Friday, from 07:00 to 18:00, and there may be variations in exceptional cases. If the delivery address is located in a condominium, the consumer must inform, at the time of purchase, any restrictions on delivery time and where deliveries must be made in the condominium, in view of the existing rules. For deliveries made in São Paulo, CLIP BUTTON offers the delivery scheduling service, at no additional cost. Through this service, the consumer can indicate, at the time of purchase, the date and the shift in which the delivery of the products must be performed. The CLIP BUTTON schedules deliveries in three shifts: morning (07:00 to 11:00), afternoon (12:00 to 18:00) and night (19:00 to 23:00). It will not be possible to change the delivery date or shift after the schedule.

6. Freight amount

The freight value of the delivery of the Products is calculated automatically by the Site at the time of Purchase, based on the weight, volume and quantity of the Products purchased, as well as the distance between our distribution centers and the place of delivery informed by the Client, always based in the online integration we have with the company Correios. At its sole discretion, CLIP BUTTON may make available on its Website special freight categories, specific to some products and to some locations, either permanently or temporarily. In this case, it is possible that each category offers different prices and delivery times, and it is up to the Customer to select the category that meets their expectations.

7. Terms of delivery

CLIP BUTTON will deliver the Products purchased in their original packaging. As CLIP BUTTON deliverers, in the case of Post Office employees, are not allowed to assemble, install or disassemble the Products, it is necessary for the consumer to ensure that the dimensions of the Product are compatible with the dimensions of the doors, passages and corridors of the place of delivery chosen by him. In buildings, the delivery will be made at the place of the concierge, and the Client is exclusively responsible for the custody and transportation of the products until their floor and unit. In order for the delivery to take place, it is necessary for the Client to authorize a person over the age of 18 (friends, relatives, porters or other) to receive and check the products and sign the respective protocol. The delivery service does not include any other activity on the part of the deliverers, and CLIP BUTTON is exempt from any obligation to install, mount, disassemble or test the products purchased and delivered.

8. Refusal of receipt

Customer may and should verify the following aspects upon receipt: (i) if the packaging is open, tampered with or damaged; (ii) if the Product is damaged by transportation, opened, violated or used; (iii) if the Products delivered do not correspond to the Products purchased by the Site and / or the invoice; or (iv) if the contents of the packages are incomplete, without parts or accessories of the products purchased. In case of any divergence, the Customer must refuse to receive the Product in question and contact the CACB (CLIP BUTTON Service Center), for immediate solution of the identified problem. In case of undue receipt of the product, the Customer may request its exchange only in the cases provided for in the Exchange and Returns Policy.

9. Attempts to deliver

CLIP BUTTON will deliver the Products purchased, within the established period and at the address informed by the Customer, following the period defined by the Post Office. If it is not possible for CLIP BUTTON to deliver the Products in the absence of the Customer, an authorized person, due to restrictions of the time of the condominium or due to physical limitations that prevent the delivery or, also, by the error of the Client in indicating the correct place of delivery in the act of purchasing the Products, CLIP BUTTON will make two subsequent attempts. If the three delivery attempts fail, the purchased products will be returned to the distribution center, the order will be canceled and the refund will occur in the same terms provided in the Exchange and Returns Policy with respect to the return by repentance (item 4.5 of the aforementioned Policy).
In the case of scheduled deliveries, only one delivery attempt will be made on the scheduled date and shift. In case of failure of this delivery, CLIP BUTTON will contact the Customer to define a second delivery date. If this second delivery is unsuccessful, the Products purchased will be returned to the distribution center and the order will be canceled.

10. Miscellaneous

Changes to the application. CLIP BUTTON will not accept changes to the order (forms of payment, quantities, location, date or delivery time) after the completion of the Purchase process on the Site.
Delays. Some exceptional situations may cause delays in the delivery of the Products purchased, such as the indication of a wrong address, incomplete or non-existent, or the occurrence of natural factors (rain, floods) or humans (strikes, demonstrations, accidents) and force majeure. In such cases, CLIP BUTTON will make every effort to keep the Customer informed of the problem that caused the delay and to effect delivery in the shortest possible time.
Retentions. In the event that the Products acquired are retained by tax authorities as a result of the Customer's pending delays, CLIP BUTTON will inform the situation immediately, however, being exempt from the obligation to deliver, since the Products may only be released by the competent authority upon attendance of the customer.

Alerts. CLIP BUTTON may send emails or SMS messages to Customer in order to inform you of any changes in the delivery process of your order, such as the exit of the products from the distribution center, the trip around the city, the estimated delivery time, any delays , among others.